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Spiritual MEDIUM

New Zealand 

Ange is an Auckland based Psychic Medium that offers the service spiritual readings for people who may need guidance in times of losing a loved one or to help people in need of a different form of counseling. 


Readings can involve talking to loved ones that have passed away, loss, grief, healing, life direction, career, health, relationships, love, health, energy healing of the body and house cleansing.

Ange is an everyday, down to earth person just like you, who has simply been blessed with the ability to communicate with those existing on ‘the other side’.

Ange's service is honest and her practice is not influenced by any religious beliefs.

Her clients have been astounded by the accuracy of the information she passes on and her messages are very precious gifts.

Psychic Medium Readings

There are a number of ways you can experience your reading. Either face to face or via phone or video call. ​Simply click on an option below for more details. 


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Psychic Medium Readings


​I still carry the reading around with me, as I like to refer to it for comfort. Ange was very accurate; being able to describe places and events without having any prior knowledge - she knew the layout of my home without being there or having me previously described it and knew of personal private habits that were not commonly discussed. The confirmation of my two guides, my grandparents, and knowing that they are around and looking out for me offers me a sense of calmness. Some predicted events have occured, but not in a scary way, and it’s nice to know of things still to come. I would definitely love to have another reading and would recommend Ange on to others without hesitation.

Psychic Readings


Ange did a reading for me and it really brought peace of mind to my life. She has answered so many questions that I had only dared to ask in my mind!

Her readings were so accurate that she had brought up information only a handful of people would have known. It is really pleasing to know that loved ones are always around to be with you in the good times and the bad as if they never left.

I have referred her to my family and they got a great reading as well. I would definitely refer her to friends and will be seeing them sometime soon. Thanks Ange!!!