Ange Auckland Psychic Medium

People may come to Ange in need of reconnection & peace because they miss someone deeply. Some are curious & want to see if she is the ‘real deal’, while many are fragile & in need of comforting guidance & direction. Sometimes they come to her because they just love hearing the wacky things some of those in spirit have to say.

What her clients all experience is a feeling of inspiration & reassurance in knowing that their loved one is alive and well, just in a different form.

While Ange cannot determine who or what comes through for you in a reading, she will always do her best to contact that special person if that is your wish. What she does do is connect directly with whoever comes through for you & passes on any messages they wish to give to you.

Ange has spent the last 11 years helping people connect to spirit, and helping many find their sparkle.

"I have a soft spot for the underdogs, and want to always bring out the best in someone, I am not here to walk in anyone else's shoes and tell them how to live their lives or what it's going to be like for them, we are here to experience that.


I am here to share what I see and hear from spirit and my favorIte thing about spiritual work is helping people connect.


Spirit gives us reassurance yes, but we must always remember that they are only a guidance for us. We have the choice to change things on our path everyday. If it helps people to know their loved one is safe and well and they can move forward and feel better about their path, then I am happy to have helped in this way and will continue to be a messenger for spirit" says Ange.