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A touch of music for your soul


Today for me it's all about the music. Through my experiences, I believe that, yes, things happen for a reason, and we are given lots of signs to take note of, but because of our busy day to day living we sometimes miss the signs we are given or are not paying attention to them. Music for me is one sign I always pay attention to. I believe that music comes from your soul. It is deep and meaningful to many people on so many different levels. Just amazing. Have you ever had one of those days where you are in the car and a song comes on, and you just know it's meant for you? Your thoughts go straight to the song and thinking that this is a message of some sort, a sign! It's playing for you, it relates to everything you are thinking that day or everything you have been going through lately. Then you get this outburst of emotion, you sing along and have a really serious moment knowing that it is true, right, the song is talking to you. Is it just coincidence? Is there a reason behind why this happens? Was it planned for you to hear the song at that moment in time, when you really needed it? Was it someone trying to tell you something or pointing something out? It is just my view that perhaps it is spirit trying to point something out to you, wanting you to listen through music. Why does it touch us in such a powerful way? For me, nothing comes close to what music can do for my soul. I can't live without it! I have been thinking about music and how much it has an effect on people, the way it shapes us, how involved we get in what the singer/songwriter is saying in the song, or the beat that catches our attention and we find ourselves dancing or taping our foot. It is just amazing how many people love the sound of a tune, a musical note, voice or guitar or even just a drum beat or bass line. All this can be very powerful to ones ear. In your own home, have you ever imaged yourself with an invisible crowd in front of you and "because no one is home" you have full on rock party (music up on the highest level) jumping round like you ARE the rock star you always dreamed of " :) I have on many occasions been snapped by someone walking in, right at that hard out moment where I am really getting in to it and truly believing I am on stage! (facials and all)...come on, we have all done this right? I love how much fun can be had and found at a concert!


-I don't know if he is excited or stuck to be honest :) but I am sure he is having fun all the same.

The thing I like about music is that it has so many different levels and meanings, it brings such a wide range of different people together to enjoy the same thing. There are so many different stories in music that relate to you in a such a way. Music is very good for helping you relax, helping people to understand your thoughts and feelings, giving advice, letting out your fears and much much more. Spiritually speaking, music is a powerful tool that comes from within your soul. It is loved by all and brings people together. What more can you ask for. Thanks for reading. I'm happy to hear your thoughts and experiences as always. Night x

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