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Welcome! My name is Ange and I am the sole writer of this blog. So I'll make a start and share some funny, amazing, heartbreaking, uplifting and inspiring experiences that I have been a part of over the years. For anyone who hasn't experienced a spiritual reading or spiritual experience, this may give you some insight to what a reading is like or just what it's like sometimes to walk around in my shoes. Please note that in posting about any readings, for the privacy of my clients the names will be changed. What can I do for you? Well I like to call myself a messenger, this is what I do best, pass on messages to you. I am the middle person, I am the missing link people might say. I speak to spirit and pass on any messages that may be waiting for you. This blog for anyone who has questions or an interested in mediumship, not only will I try my best to answer your questions for you but I also want hear your views and thoughts on the subject too! I am very open minded and love to learn and share new findings. I love conversations and the random subjects. I get a lot of questions from everyone I meet such as, how do you talk to spirit? Do you get scared? Where are they and why can't we see them? What do they do 'over there'? Are we all here to learn something, and if so what? So again, welcome!  Look forward to having some great conversations with you all! I would love to hear from you so always feel welcome to leave comments and ask questions! If you are a bit shy you can always pop me an email and ask me privately at smallmediumrare@gmail.com Your messenger, Ange


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