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Mother's instinct

When I use to work full time and do readings part time I had a group of work mates who were very aware of my spiritual side and were quite comfortable with me sharing spiritual things with them or they would ask questions or my spiritual opinion on things of which I didn't mind answering. We use to have our hour lunch break together. One lunch break we were seated outside a cafe in Auckland city eating lunch when Mila stopped a moment and said "I'm really worried about my daughter." I straight away blurted back "oh yea, she's ok, she's just been in a fight at school." Everyone stopped eating and just looked at me then at Mila. Mila said "really!?, are you sure? I said "yea, but don't worry she's ok I promise. Mila sat for a few moments, probably processing what I had just told her, then stood up from the table and announced that she was going to run back to work and ring the school to check that things were ok. My friends left at the table were a bit stunned I think saying "did someone just tell you that?" and my reply being "yes" and continuing to eat. I carried on as normal but could hear the others thoughts flying in... "god I hope Mila's daughters ok", "I wonder how she knows that", "God she's freaky" (my favorite). They asked me more questions and we sat laughing about my crazy ways of seeing and hearing and just my life in general really. We talked many times like this before (the boy on the train etc) but nothing had every happened like this within our own group. Twenty minutes had past and Mila came walking back to our table. She stood with her hands on her hips looking at us and said "Oh that little witch is going to get it when she gets home, someone said "what happened is she ok?" "oh she's fine" Mila said, "she got in a fight and punched a boy!" We all couldn't help it, we laughed. As Mila sat down we looked at each other and I said to her "always trust your mothers instinct aye." We laughed some more and all had a smoke for Mila's stress level. :)

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