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My Joker Man

When I started to do readings for strangers I would fear the thought of not giving my clients what they may have wanted from me. Many times over I would be spot on and even if the information I gave them didn't make sense at the time, I had to learn to go with it, because in the end it would always come out to make sense whether that was to be the next day, a few weeks or even years later, it would make sense somewhere along the line. 

So, I have a spirit, a man that turns up randomly for me, he is so funny, he makes me laugh so much, he turns up in the most random of places like the top of a street sign while waiting for the bus to start moving, on a parked bench as I walk down the street or even on top of my TV! He turned up so many times for a while there and still does sometimes but a lot less now. He is one of my favorite spirit friends you could say. When I meet him I didn't realize why he was there, I really thought he just liked to play games and make me laugh so I ended up nicknaming him the the joker (funny man, playing games to make me laugh and of course I thought he was joking).

The first time I saw him I was walking down hill in Auckland on Queen street the Krd end with thoughts filling my head of the things I had to do, when out of the blue, as it always is with him, my joker turned up sitting on top of a bench chair, then swinging off a lamp post asking me if I "wanna play?" I laughed and had a feeling he was safe to speak to so I said "play what?" "a game" he said and smiled at me "I bet I can tell you what is coming up". I laughed again and said "sure go on then." He found this very amusing and showed me, like seeing a movie in my thoughts, that I would soon see a man walking across the road with black hair styled in to a mohawk, he will also have long black shorts on and big black boots. Very gothic looking you say, a bit of a chubby bigger guy. Now I seriously laughed out loud when I was shown this! It was a bit far fetched I mean "come on" I said to him. He was all excited telling me how awesome he was and that I'll see. "just you watch" he said as I laughed at him down the street shaking my head. I took a second to note I am having a conversation with someone no one else could see. He was laughing as he wanted to show me how cool he was at playing this game of knowing. Around ten minutes later I was almost down near the Burger King and had not seen anyone coming that was of the description the joker had showed me. Of course I said to him "you're all shit" and he said again "just watch, you'll see, look!" He was pointing across the road, and as I looked, there he was, the man in my head, coming across the road, the man he showed me. Unbelievable! You have got to joking me. I stopped in shock and my jaw would have hit the ground if it could have. I then laughed again out loud and people, if they were watching, would have wondered what was going on! 

I got use to the joker showing up wanting to play and show off just how cleaver he can be. I never really questioned who he was or why he was there as I felt completely safe with him around and we always had so much fun! I trusted him.

One day out of the blue, just like him, I figured out why he appears for me. When I doubt my self, my abilities, what I can do. He is the one to show up and show me that I can do it by playing the game, over and over again. He is there to play with me - show me things and always be spot on meaning - help me, remind me to believe in myself, to trust what I am shown every single time. He helps me to believe in me and trust in not just me, but them also. He really does it in the best way, fun! I love fun who doesn't, I love him and thank him for sharing in that way and helping me trust in myself. Love to you my joker man xx

Oh how I feel so loved, blessed and looked after. Thank you universe xx

I'll be back for more posting, stay tuned.

love x

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