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What would you do?

So I have been asked if I have ever gone up to a complete stranger and told them things if I have seen stuff around them. A stranger. My answer to that is yes once, only once and I will never do it again. It is not something I feel should be done but sometimes you really want to. For example I went with a friend once to an after work function and there was a lady whom would have been in her mid 50's, lovely lady, and we talked a bit and as I talked to her, her husband was standing next to her smiling, He said hello, I smiled and said hello back. He said "she's my wife, she misses me, tell her I'm ok, I'm safe." I smiled and said "I'm sure she knows." and left it at that. I could feel the energy of big love that he shared with her which was very warm and amazing to feel literally. Now I would have loved to have told her, believe me, but it wasn't the place to bring it up and what if she wasn't in to this stuff? It may have scared her? It can be hard at the time but I am use to it now.

Do you want me to tell you about my "one and only time".... ok :)

Before doing spiritual work full time I use to, for a time, live in Kingsland and work in Auckland City so I would catch a train each morning and get a ride home at night. So one morning I got on the train sat down between two people and had three ladies sitting opposite me. The train started to move and out of the corner of my eye I saw a boy who one minute was over to the right and then within seconds was right in front of me. I smiled at him, he looked about 6 or 7yrs old and he was off bouncing around some more. The boy was super happy and excited! I mean SO excited and bouncing around the train like he was on a chocolate or energy drink high! I could again literally feel his energy which, if I was a runner, I could have easily won a gold medal at the Olympics! So, I'm watching him, feeling like I just want to run, feeling super happy and shaking my head whilst having a little giggle to myself knowing that I am the only one in the carriage that can see him. Suddenly he stops in front of me again. He sounded very cute as he said "hi" to me and in my mind I said "hello" back,  he then asked "can you speak to the lady for me"? he even talked fast! I said "what lady"? He then pointed to the lady sitting directly across from me. I looked at her, a lady with lighter coloured hair, then looked away and the boy was again jumping for joy, all over the place. I said to him "I would love to but I can't". I then hear "Yes you can it's ok she is great! she knows me!" My thoughts come flying in (like it's that easy) and he said "yep" in his super happiness. I couldn't help but laugh, he was just so happy and cute but I said "no, (laughing), I can't, she would think I'm nuts, I can't, sorry." He continued to jump round and told me she was family he just wanted her to know he is safe. I just smiled knowing we were minutes away from getting off. 

The train pulled up and we all stood up. I looked straight at the lady as we were about to get off and for a split second thought, if I was to tell her where would I even begin. Getting off the train I said goodbye to the boy and he waved and smiled and went on with his bouncing around the carriage. I walked the rest of the way to work just smiling at the thought of the boy from the train. My day went on and I went home without a second thought of him. 

I got to the train station a bit early the next day and stood waiting with a couple of others. The train came, I got on I sat down and as normal the train started on it's way. I looked around and who do I see!? The boy was there smiling at me! Happy as ever to see me again he said "hi, hi , hi." as he bounced all over the place, I laughed and said "hello again." I looked around for the lady and couldn't see her but my feelings told me that she must have been on the train otherwise he would not still be here. He again with all his amazing joyful energy he was trying to push me to talk the lady. I let him know she wasn't even in the carriage but of course he knew that and was most happy to let me know what one she WAS in, this being two up from the one I was in, towards the direction we were heading in. The trip went very similar to day before, him expressing to me that I need to talk to the lady for him and that it's ok she will understand if i talk to her, she will be happy to hear from him etc. 

The train pulled up at my destination. I stood up and straight away the boy said "look, look, look, she is there! you'll see her! look!" I stepped onto the platform and there she was, getting off two carriages up from where I got off. I stood in a bit of shock to be honest, I laughed to myself, pulled myself together and carried on to get to work. This time thinking of the boy for a bit longer then the day before. I even told two of my work mates (they knew about my spiritual side) as this was the second day in a row and what would I do if he is going to be there tomorrow? What if he would just be there everyday unless I said something!? They found it fascinating, funny and a little bit cute, but were no help at all and really I mean that in the nicest way possible. 

The next day I arrived ready and waiting for my train. As it arrived I thought of the boy. I got on and sure enough there he was again. I tried my best to speak with him about really not being able to talk to her as in this world it would be weird and strange to do that, but he just smiled with a knowing look that he knew it was all going to be fine. I wondered where the lady was, what carriage she was in? and again he let me know, one in front of mine. I said to him, no she's not, just to see what he would say back and he just smiled. The trip was again filled with the same energy and messages of wanting me to talk to the lady for him. 

The train pulled up at my stop and I got up to get off, as I stepped off the train I notice the boy is right beside me, walking with me. "what are you doing I asked?" "you have to talk to her" he said. She wasn't anywhere in sight and as I mentioned this to him he ignored me and kept begging me to please talk to her. We reached the escalator and we were still "arguing" about the subject at hand and half way up I stopped in mid sentence with him to notice, the lady was right in front of me! Oh god oh god, my breathing got heavy as I started to think maybe I was suppose to do this, I mean this is 3 days in a row now and how is she just right in front of me...right now...in this very moment! Also of course this boy may never leave me alone if I don't. We got to the top and we start walking off different directions. I don't know what happened but in seconds I turned myself to walk back her way and held my breath as I reached out to tap her on the shoulder. "excuse me, sorry to bother you I said (I got all nervous), um this is going to sound really weird but have you lost a little boy like had a nephew pass away?" She looked at me with shock, and said "yes" I said "um well he just wanted me to tell you that he is fine, he's happy and safe ok. And without a thought I straight away turned around, not waiting for any reply and walked out of there. I never saw him again after that day, or the lady now that I think about it. I sometimes think that one day randomly I will bang in to her again and she will remind me about that day :)

Yes, that's right, I said it! 3 days I tell you! I felt I had to do something at least. But never again. I am so firm with them now lol. No is no and that's it. What do you think? What would you have done?

Love, light, laughter and happiness to you all xx

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