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​I still carry the reading around with me, as I like to refer to it for comfort. Ange was very accurate; being able to describe places and events without having any prior knowledge - she knew the layout of my home without being there or having me previously described it and knew of personal private habits that were not commonly discussed. The confirmation of my two guides, my grandparents, and knowing that they are around and looking out for me offers me a sense of calmness. Some predicted events have occured, but not in a scary way, and it’s nice to know of things still to come. I would definitely love to have another reading and would recommend Ange on to others without hesitation.

Spiritual Medium


Ange did a reading for me and it really brought peace of mind to my life. She has answered so many questions that I had only dared to ask in my mind!


Her readings were so accurate that she had brought up information only a handful of people would have known. It is really pleasing to know that loved ones are always around to be with you in the good times and the bad as if they never left.


I have referred her to my family and they got a great reading as well. I would definitely refer her to friends and will be seeing them sometime soon.


Thanks Ange!!!

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​It was very nice to do the reading with you on the 20th of May. During the reading, you mentioned something about my sister having problems with her leg. At the time you knew that I don't have sisters, so that it didn't make sense, but you said firmly that it was what my grandpa told you. Well, it turned out that it was my father's sister. Actually she had a knee replacement operation a week after the reading. Thank you very much for your magical reading! Plus, the picture on my bedroom wall was tilted.

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Thank you for your time and effort yesterday to do my first-ever reading.
It has really helped me very much and I feel that a huge burden has lifted
off from me all thanks to you for passing on precious messages from my
You are truly gifted and I hope to return again one day for another reading.

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Ange recently did a reading for me. Ange talked to my sister (recently passed over) who relayed through Ange only things that myself & Joanne (sister) could have known. She was truly amazing.
I have grown as a person, and truly believe in Ange. I now know that my sister, and all that have passed can help you. We think of them as gone, but they are not, they can communicate with us still.
I am so glad that my sister and I are still together, she has not left me, she visits me often. I am so grateful that I have met Ange, she has be blessed with a precious gift and is a beautiful person.
I would like to thank you Ange, you are a truly gifted person.

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We all look for answers when we lose a loved one.  Ange gave more than answers, she put a new meaning into medium readings, not only giving us the answers we were waiting to hear, but the new form of energy and empowering from these readings for us both to move on knowing our loved ones were still around us.  Her accuracy and even the slight touch of sense of humor from our loved ones was so real - We will be recommending Ange to our members and friends. Ange "Thank You" for being you and helping others to move on, your strength is amazing.

Connect With A Dead Loved One


Spiritually speaking, this young woman has amazing talents to connect with those here and beyond.
My experience of Ange connecting to my loved ones who have passed over was both comforting and reassuring.
The messages she was able to channel from my beloved Nana with whom I shared a loving relationship with from an early age helped me to understand how she is always with me and offers love and guidance from the other side.

I lost my nana suddenly at 11 years old. She was my world. For many years I felt that I had ‘lost her’ and felt lonely and distressed about this.
Ange helped me to understand that nana was never very far away and was always looking out for me. The small details that Ange was able to tell me that were personal to my nana and I took me surprise.

Ange has also helped me to connect with my other ancestors with whom I shared special relationships with and offered me love and guidance from them also. It was this that made me know she truly has talents and gifts spiritually that are ‘out of this world’.

Sometimes in life we get so busy and caught up in our everydayness, so much so that we find it difficult to create space for our own inner spiritual needs to be acknowledged and satisfied.
Linking with Ange has reminded me of these needs and the importance of spiritual awareness and development in our lives.

I have no hesitation in recommending Ange to anyone who is seeking answers to the mysteries that life often hands us.
Her calm, gentle and reassuring approach to connecting spiritually have been a blessing and for this I thank you Ange.

Talk To The Dead


I saw you in February, the day of the earthquake.  Just wanted to share with
you what has happened since our meeting :)
You connected with my Nana who passed away when I was a teenager.
So far these things have come to pass:
I chose to finish my studies rather than complete them.
My parents have decided to sell their property and build.
I am moving to a residence by the sea in a couple of weeks.
Many thanks for my precious message and I'm sure I will come back to you
when the time is right.  I am also recommending you to anyone looking
for this service :)

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Ange gave me a reading that was so unique that it is hard to know where to begin. As a medium she enabled me to communicate with those who had passed in particular my dad who came to me with his sense of humor and love along with treasured advice.Further into my reading she told me of a trip to Europe and in particular Italy. At the time I thought that this was the only thing she got "wrong" in the reading. I did not have the financial resources or even the inclination to travel. However within a week an old friend called to offer me an all expenses paid trip to Europe and into Italy. Within six weeks I was on my way. It was in many ways a miracle and I will never doubt anything that Ange has told me.Ange is a gifted medium who is so accurate that I can only say it is my good fortune to have her read for me. I have since recommended her to a host of people whose feedback has been excellent.

Auckland Clairvoyant


My father passed away when I was two years old, 27 years ago. So sadly I never got a chance to meet him.

I’ve been so anxious to find out what he was like, what he thinks of me and other stuff that is of great importance to me.

Ange did a reading for me. Some of the things that she said gave me goose bumps.

She mentioned a red dress that I loved as a child which I had forgotten about and she brought it back. I always loved looking at myself in the photos when wearing this dress. This was the dress that my dad bought for me as a child. So it is very special.

Ange mentioned some other things that were quite personal and that I hold close to my heart. Getting a reading from Ange really made me aware that my dad is around.

There were couple of other occasions on which Angela really got me stunned:

1. There was a situation where something went missing at work. For a joke I told Ange, hey Ange can you ask your friends about it? She gave an answer, and then the next day the person Angela said had it in her bag by mistake…. did…..really interesting…

2. I was getting ready to go on a trip to Europe. Ange apProached me few days before I left and said “your dad said make sure you take some towels”. I laughed, but I took some towels (which I wasn’t going to take originally). Upon my arrival to Frankfurt, I went for a shower, as it has been a long trip. You wouldn’t believe it.

Usually they rent towels but in this instance they had none. Thanks for this Ange. If I hadn’t been able to have a shower I wouldn’t have been very comfortable meeting with my family upon my arrival.

Before Ange’s reading and the strings of events that occured throughout that period I believed but not believed in spirits (hope this makes sense). After Ange’s reading I truly believe it and am looking forward to hearing from my dad again too.

Auckland Spiritual Healer


"Thank you so much for your reading Ange-it was an amazing experience, so accurate and very helpful! It helped me tremendously. I will recommend you to everyone!"

Auckland Fortune Teller


I was completely blown away by the reading that Ange gave me. I had previously been to other psychic mediums, but none of them could provide information as accurate
as that provided by Ange - including an accurate description of my house.
The way she voiced what some of my passed family members were saying was
completely typical of their personalities! I am grateful that she could give me feedback from them because I was feeling rather confused on the direction my life was taking at that time and now I feel at peace after the reading she provided. It definit
ely bought a tear to my eye when she said things that nobody could possibly know. Thank-you for the experience, it was really unforgettable - I am definitely going to refer other friends and family to you

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I feel that everyone seeks a reading when it's meant to be. I heard about Ange through my sister, who had a very detailed reading. I've had readings before and they were fun, but never detailed. After weeks of considering a reading, I finally set up a time. Ange started out by saying a quote that I always say, which is "I feel like I am on a ladder, but every time I take two steps up, I fall back down three".

I constantly feel this way, and Ange told me I needed to stop thinking this way; that I needed to stop looking back.
She gave me lots of advice from my mother that passed away 4 years ago.
Things that I needed to hear right now to get my life back on track! Amazingly, the advice she gave me has already started to lift my spirits and help me out tremendously. As for details that shocked me, Ange told me I kept sentimental cards in a box under my bed. I told her I was aware of that box, but that it was not under my bed. She insisted. After my reading, I searched my house and finally found it under my bed! She told me to look at the letter that was on the very bottom and it would help me. This was a box of sentimental cards, but the letter on the very bottom was financial information from my mother, that I had forgotten about!

Another amazing story is that she told me a friend with blonde hair would be coming for coffee and I should take the positive from it. This friend is going through a divorce as well and we need each other. Told her I didn't know of anyone. The very next morning, I got a call from my ex-husband's girlfriend (who is also my friend) wanting to have coffee! I knew I was supposed to, so she came over and I listened intently. That conversation has actually turned around my whole relationship with my ex-husband and how we get along.

I could go on and on, but Ange has totally changed my life based on her reading. I needed to move on with my life and I was stuck at the time. Thanks to Ange, I can now heal emotionally!

Connect With Your Loved Ones That Have Passed Away. Auckland Medium


My experience with Ange was one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me.


Upon meeting Ange the very first time she gave me the most serene feelings and being of the easy going nature that she is; gave me the most relaxed feeling.


Then I found out what gift Ange had been blessed with and straight away I asked her if there was anyone in the room to talk to me and she told me that there were two people waiting.


As you can imagine this gave me goose bumps and even though I am skeptical at the best of times I was open to hear what she had to say.


Ange proceeded to put me in touch with two very special people who had passed on from my life and the following events were some of the most incredible moments of my life to date.


We had an extensive conversation about events spanning more than twenty years and she told me things that she had no way of knowing had she not had this gift.


Not only was it accurate; the information passed through Ange to me was life changing and a beautiful way to honor loved ones that may still have something to say or if you have unanswered questions.


I would not hesitate to recommend Ange for anyone who would like to have a spiritual experience to remember.

Auckland Medium. Talk To The Dead.


I just want to thank you again. The things you told me have definitely given me something to look forward to. And after having had time to digest it all and get used to it, I think I've put my impatience behind me and I have a feeling of contentment that I haven't had for a while!


At a time when I was going through a rough patch in life, Ange was able to give me the reassurance I needed. I am a believer, but I had seen other mediums over the years who were less than convincing. Any doubts I had were put to rest as Ange is the Real McCoy. She was able to describe things, both about my personality/habits and also physical items, without any prior knowledge.


The information provided was both accurate and reassuring and gave me the peace of mind to be able to put my concerns at rest. I would definitely recommend Ange, and would definitely consider another reading!

Talk To Your Dead Partner


When I sat for my reading with Ange she put me at ease from the very
beginning. She is a lovely person with an exceptional gift. I've had two readings with Ange and they both have been right "on the mark." My Mother has come through twice and my grandfather once. They have each given me amazing advice and direction. They have answered many questions for me on many different areas in my life. There is no doubt in my mind that my loved ones came through and assisted Ange in guiding me and answering the questions I had.

In my last reading with her my mother relayed three pieces of information to me that only my husband had any knowledge of. Ange said that this was her way of letting me know that all the advice Ange was giving me was coming directly from my her (my Mother). I was a bit dumbfounded because quite honestly, these were very private tidbits of information that I wished for no one else to know. I sometimes get bogged down with worry about my family, business, etc. and talking with Ange puts my mind at ease about all of these worries and makes it so that I can clear my mind and move forward.

On another occasion I had a question for Ange; something that had been weighing me down and I couldn't stop myself from worrying about it. I began to ask her the question and my Mother immediately came through to Ange and answered the question before I could even complete my question. WOW! I'm absolutely amazed by Ange's abilities.

I always thought my loved ones were around me but because of my experience with Ange, I now "believe beyond a shadow of a doubt" they are with me all the time. I'm also learning to look for signs from them and follow those signs.

Ange is such a gifted medium and an amazing person. She is genuine and
I am happy that our paths have crossed and I consider her a dear friend